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Southside food pantries in need of donated items

Southside food pantries in need of donated items

By Nancy Price

Several Southside food pantries are in desperate need of donated items due to economic challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic and are asking their communities for help.

“We have seen an influx of people and families since the virus hit,” said Christina Nelson-Canfield, who operates Michelle’s Little Pantry in Greenwood. Michelle Waugh Dahl runs the pantry’s Franklin location. “We are both 24-hour community based. However, we have had to shop with monetary donations when we can to fill the void.”

When schools closed in March, the pantries gave away 50 spring break bags.

Hornet Pantry in Beech Grove needs donated food items or grocery store gift cards. (Submitted photo)

“Over these past four Wednesdays, our Hornet Pantry has passed out over 1,300 meals and groceries to over 400 families,” said Angel Calvert McKenna, facility manager for Hornet Park Community Center. “We’ve also made food deliveries and have provided boxes of food to families in need as those calls come in. Many in our community understand the need and have been generous with their support and donations, but we are in need of that help once again. If you have some of the items at home to spare or would like to donate a grocery store gift card, we could really use your help.”

Most of the pantry’s needs include the following: rice, pasta, pasta sauce, peanut butter, jam or jelly, macaroni and cheese (a lot), cereal, granola bars, fresh or dried fruit, ramen noodles, pudding, boxed or bagged bread products, such as pizza crust, cornbread or pancake mixes and canned items, including tuna, chicken, ravioli, beans, tomatoes and soup.

Nelson-Canfield said the Little Free Pantry locations need personal care items, such as soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, diapers and wipes. “Anything you can do would help,” she said. For more information, visit Michelle’s Little Pantry on Facebook.

McKenna can be reached at (317) 803-9086 or by email at angel.mckenna@beechgrove.com. Those with questions may also send a Facebook message to Beech Grove Hornet Park Community Center.


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