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Perry Township resident appears on The Price Is Right

Perry Township resident appears on The Price Is Right

By Nancy Price

“Brandon Howell … come on down!” shouted the familiar voice of George Gray, the announcer on The Price Is Right, to a Perry Township resident.

Howell, a faculty member at Indiana University of School of Public Health-Bloomington, appeared on the long-running TV game show this morning at 11 a.m. “I’ve always wanted to go on the show,” he said.

Howell booked tickets and appeared during a taping in early February while in Los Angeles for a conference. “They have a series of things to do before you get in the studio,” Howell said of those wishing to appear on the show. Contestants are asked about their knowledge of the show, and they must show energy when meeting with the main producer.

Drew Carey explains game rules to Brandon Howell. (The Price is Right image courtesy of Fremantle)

“You check in and do paperwork, there’s a series of photos and everyone is dressed up in shirts made (for the show). You watch a series of videos, they teach you what the experience is like, they guide you and it moves very fast. You sit there and they’re starting to tape and Drew Carey (the host) comes out and interacts with the audience and tells jokes.

“Everyone is just in really good spirits,” Howell said. He was the last contestant to be called to the stage. “As soon as I heard my name I just bolted from my seat. When you’re on the stage, you’re so excited trying to focus and so in my excitement I had a question about the game. Drew wasn’t dismissive and he gave me as much time as possible. He’s amazing.”

At press time, Howell was unable to comment on which game he played and if he won. He said he would “absolutely” go on the show again if he could. That was the one of the most exciting days I’ve ever had,” he said.

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