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Top 10 movies to stream this week

By Bradley Lane

All the movies on this week’s list are available to stream on Tubi, an entirely free video on-demand service. No subscription required, so all you need is an internet connection to watch these great movies!

The Adventures of Tintin (2011): Certainly not Spielberg’s first foray into animation, but definitely his most beautiful; The Adventures of Tintin is a gorgeous animated adventure. Between tracking down hidden treasure, drunken pirates and a cute-as-a-button fluffy companion, this is a perfect movie for family night.

Airplane (1980): Airplane uses every second of screen time for jokes. The sets, props, performances, music and camera work are all dead set on making you laugh. It is a spoof of the highest caliber.

Akira (1987): Another gorgeously animated movie, this one though decidedly not for younger audiences, Akira is a feast for the eyes with a lot of thematic meat to chew on. A young biker works as hard as he can to try and rescue his friend from the clutches of a government conspiracy.

The Big Short (2015): The true story of the people who saw the 2008 economic crash coming and profited from it. Made in the style of a dark comedy, you won’t believe your eyes and ears.

Donnie Darko (2001): Famous for its endless complexities and obtuse story, it remains one of the greatest cinematic mysteries ever. A high school student begins to have visions of the end of the world and only he can figure out exactly what these visions mean and why he is seeing them.

Fist of Fury (1972): Bruce Lee at his best. While this film is slightly less popular than his later work like Enter the Dragon, make no mistake Lee is at the top of his game as he fights to defend the Chinese honor in the face of foreign oppression.

Irreversible (2002): I want to make this abundantly clear; this film is for mature audiences only. Made by French provocateur Gaspar Noe, this story of brutal revenge is told in reverse chronological order with one of the most horrifying scenes put on film at its center.

Night of the Living Dead (1968): The prototype for the clichés of the zombie movie genre, George A. Romero made this film on a shoestring budget of just over $100,000. It follows the exploits of a mismatched group of survivors during a wave of inexplicable zombie attacks. The practical effects and character dynamics cemented this as a classic of the horror genre.

Short Term 12 (2012): A prestige drama that has been lost to time, Short Term 12 is an emotionally raw and intense film. It follows the residents and staff of a care unit for at-risk teens, as they struggle with their own personal traumas, both the staff and residents. This one will rip your heart to bits and then put it right back together again.

The Conjuring (2013): The peak of modern horror referencing classics of the genre. James Wan makes one of the scariest haunted house films imaginable, all the while holding the audience perpetually at the edge of their seats.

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