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Brownsburg announces new appointments

The Brownsburg Town Council announced new commission and committee members at the Dec. 21 meeting. The council named Ward 5 representative Sean Benham as president and Ward 3 representative Brian Jessen will serve as vice-president this year. Appointments for Brownsburg committees and commissions are as follows:

Economic Development Commission

Robert McLaughlin, four-year appointment

Advisory Plan Commission

Chris Worley, four-year appointment (as town elected official)

Ben Lacey, four-year appointment from Town Council President

Barry Francis, *appointment through Dec. 31, 2019, from Town Council President

Brownsburg Park Board

Nick Mayes, four-year appointment

Cari Palma, appointment by Library Board

Police Commission

Terry Smith, three-year appointment

Redevelopment Commission

Matt Browning, one-year appointment by Town Council President,

Troy Austin, one-year appointment by Town Council President

Travis Tschaenn, one-year appointment by the Town Council President

Paul Logsdon, one-year appointment by the Town Council

Matt Simpson, one-year appointment by the Town Council

Brownsburg Improvement Committee (all one-year appointments)

Robert McLaughlin (EDC)

Matt Simpson (RDC)

Ben Lacey (APC)

Scott Lattimer (Engineer)

Jennifer Mulligan (Resident)

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