Winter depression is caused by vitamin deficiency

By Wendell Fowler

“I’m so depressed. Woe is me.”

Decade after decade, as winter’s grey sets in, many folks start singing the depressed, anxious winter blues and blahs. Aka, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

One would think by now that an evolving society would conquer and prevent vitamin deficiency. Instead, we’re influenced by society to jump into a bottle of booze, smoke weed, or to obediently gulp anti-depressants like chicklets. This failed, self-destructive behavior fixes nothing but lines the pocketbooks of pharma. Are we that disconnected from earth that supports all life?

SAD is a depression that most commonly affects individuals during fall and winter because of bleak conditions. Symptoms tend to appear around Halloween when the sun is low on the horizon and often lessen around Easter. Our temple receives so little sunshine it cannot synthesize vitamin D that plays many roles in regulating development of the brain and nervous system to postponing late life decline. WebMD informs that low levels of D worsen depression and can cause bones to ache and muscles feel weak.

It’s difficult getting D from our processed American diet, which is why supplements are often required. Direct sunlight helps the temple produce vitamin D, and it can be absorbed from fatty fishes, mushrooms, liver and egg yolks. We prefer liquid, sublingual vitamin D-3. Vitamin B-12 and other B vitamins play a role in producing brain chemicals that affect mood and other brain functions. B6 in avocados helps the temple make serotonin, which influences mood.

Studies back in the 1960s showed many feeling SAD have folate deficiency. Researchers also share the magnesium in one ounce of almonds is one treatment for anxiety-related symptoms, as inadequate magnesium reduces serotonin in the brain. When anxious and stressed, our temples crave vitamin C to help repair and protect brain cells, and blueberries are full of it. According to Ohio University, omega-3 fatty in wild-caught salmon, chia and ground flax seeds and walnuts are particularly effective for treating anxiety.

“Wake up” and realize you’re not going bonkers. Most dietary knowledge taught in school was/is corporately biased and contrived. Your brain’s starving my friends. Life-altering dietary information that prevents SAD has been withheld. To look outside Earth’s garden and proclaim God gave man the intelligence to re-create and synthesize plant medicines is the result of corporately-biased schooling. Technology grew faster than our ethics and morals. Today’s ‘medicines” only manage disease; hush the symptoms. Yes, in trauma cases, certain medicines save lives.

You deserve happiness. Albeit, It’s up to you to stop blindly following corporations and return to God/source: the supreme pharmacist and healer.

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