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The Dead Files: Part II

The Dead Files: Part II

By Rick Hinton

The words psychic, medium, clairvoyant and empath are different definitions for pretty much the same thing — the ability to use extrasensory perception to identify information hidden from the normal senses. While there may be some minor differences between the terms, they all still play on the same ball field.

Amy Allan, 46 years old, is all of the above, with also the “gift” of channeling/necromancy (communication). Not wanting to settle in with nothing to do, she also studied alternative medicine, natural healing and acupuncture, Thai yoga massage and western massage. She apparently wears several hats in addition to starring with her partner in investigation, retired NYPD homicide detective Steve Dischiavi on Travel Channel’s The Dead Files.

When we first started watching the Friday night show, Amy would drive Laura crazy with her grimaces and facial expressions as she did her initial walkthrough. And … quite a few bleeped words and blurred lips. “She’s being so theatrical!” Laura would exclaim. However, she has softened in time. This is how Amy Allan is, especially when some wild angry spirit is whupping her about the head, shoulders and back.

Laura also has abilities. She would be classified as sensitive or intuitive. She senses things about people, surroundings and past experiences. More than once on an investigation she has gotten physically sick and had to step outside to clear her head. Many times she has told me, “It’s time to leave.” She has been encouraged to develop her abilities but Laura wants none of that. She’s happy right where she’s at!

Steve & Amy from The Dead Files. (Submitted photo)

There are many that have a genuine talent for psychic interpretation. There are many more that think they do, but don’t. On an investigation one so-called “psychic” revealed a tragedy that had happened in the basement … someone was killed!

“There is no basement, only a crawl space. There’s never been a basement,” I told her.

“I’m seeing a basement … I’m seeing blood,” she insisted.

“You’re at the wrong house!”

One former Indianapolis nutjob was quite full of themselves, walking in a flowing cape and, in their heyday, appearing on local television and radio. They were good at what they did because they knew how to read people (training in psychology is a great help!). When the client was before them, behavior, mannerisms and body language usually produced a pretty accurate reading. They would pay their fee and move on. When the client was not before them to observe — radio and TV —they bombed miserably. Yet … many doe-eyed followers still follow this fruit loop on social media.

The gift of intuition is something all of us possess, but usually disregard. Ever get that feeling that something is not right or perhaps we should cross to the other side of the street or have someone walk with us in a dark parking lot or not go into that Speedway at 1 a.m.? That’s intuition. Unfortunately, we often ignore those feelings and turn it off. Because really … nothing will ever happen to us, will it?

I will continue to be on the couch as Amy continues her walkthrough. I will be there when Steve rocks back in his chair and does a double take, slack-jawed as she makes a revelation that collaborates his own finding. I will be there because it’s good television!

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