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Wheatgrass part II: intense green nutrition

By Wendell Fowler

Pre-op was last week and doctors were astonished that a woman Sandi’s age didn’t have diabetes, heart disease, or hypertension, is not obese and takes no pharmaceutical medicines. Why, that’s downright un-American. Sweet validation for our 28-year plant-based diet, exercise and a working daily to fill our hearts with loving kindness. Going into surgery strong and healthy will give my wife the best chance for total success, removing the unwelcome tumor.

The doctors insist Sandi not consume sugar, processed food or anything from an animal, including dairy. Just lots and lots of the foods you won’t eat like dark green and orange vegetables, wheatgrass shots, beans, nuts and seeds from Gods apothecary… and to laugh and avoid negative people.

Because of its powerful nutritional profile for disease prevention, I’m revisiting wheatgrass: In 1940s agricultural, chemist Charles Franklin Schnabel studied the effects of wheatgrass on the health of humans and livestock and was so impressed with the results that he started spreading the word about the nutritional wonders of the plant to feed mills and the food industry. Test-tube studies show verdant wheatgrass may help kill cancer cells and reduce cancer development. Also, one human study found wheatgrass may reduce chemo complications. Some animal studies have found wheatgrass may help decrease blood sugar levels. Another study found wheatgrass may help treat inflammatory ulcerative colitis. Additional studies observed wheatgrass chlorophyll may decrease inflammation.

Wheatgrass contains concentrated amino acids, chlorophyll, living enzymes, omega-3, protein and vitamins B, C, E and A. Freshly juiced wheatgrass shots assist your temple’s daily detoxification process, support healthy skin healing, respiratory function, gastrointestinal health and fertility. Wheatgrass is highly alkalizing and makes a great vitamin supplement during juice fast cleanses. Always drink wheatgrass on an empty stomach for maximum absorption. Fresh wheatgrass is best, as convenient green powders are energetically dead.

Lachanophobic Americans’ fear of vegetables is one of the strangest, most self-destructive fears in the world. Unless you live under a rock or in Orion’s Belt, you know green vegetables in particular are crucial to temple health.

Sure, it took Sandi a while to embrace green foods because over our lifetime, big food, pharma and academia withheld vitally important dietary info that could have prevented 100 years of needless human suffering. We are programmed: disconnected and trained like the human mammals we are. We must become awakened critical thinkers: disciplined, clear, rational, open-minded and informed by scientific evidence.

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