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By Torry Stiles

10. Talk at work is less about the Colts and more about Zero Turn Radius mowers.

9. You have to remind your neighbors not to take the plastic off the windows until high school basketball is over. …. Trust me on this one.

8. It’s getting harder to find Girl Scout cookies.

7. IU has already been eliminated from the NCAA basketball tourney.

6. After a few months of relatively quiet evenings the brisk night air is once again peppered by the sound of race cars, motorcycles and demo derby car motors.

5. Rural King has to post a guard on the chicks and baby ducks.

4. There’s a ton of extra cheap Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day stuff on sale at Big Lots.

3. Folks are fighting for bricks from another Greenwood landmark.

2. You prowl the grocery store aisles waiting for the half-off Easter candy.

1. That pothole you’ve been dodging the last three months finally got fixed … and you kind of miss him now. You had named him Chuck and now he’s gone.

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