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The benefits of juicing for receiving vegetables’ nutrients

By Wendell Fowler

Each morning, I pray over, and then juice, about four pounds of green and orange veggies, green apples, celery, turmeric root, ginger and bitter greens. After my wife, Sandi, fully wakes up and I’ve given her a forehead kiss and a loving hug, I present her the liquid, eagerly gulping to trigger apoptosis: programmed cell death: in the instance, cancer cells. Good to the last drop, Sandi sips her elixir ‘till it’s gone. Then, in the afternoon and early evening, I prepare two more wheatgrass shots. What a lush, eh?

Too many gentle souls would rather gnaw off their arm before they’d eat anywhere near the seven to nine half cup portions of fruit and veggies required for our temple cells to perform as God intended. And, most folks would rather swallow than chew. Takes too much work, I guess. Unlike most world cultures, Americans rarely eat vegetables for breakfast, and at lunch, a typical vegetable serving could be lettuce or tomato on a sandwich, guaranteeing your daily quotient of protective plant-foods will fall short.

Juicing is a brilliant way to receive a rainbow of plant nutrients from food that you refuse to eat. Juicing makes seven to nine portions possible without having to sit down and eat several pounds of vegetables per day. Juicing strips away solid matter, leaving a colorful liquid exploding with the energy of vitamins and minerals from raw plant-foods that bypasses digestion and feed temple cells within minutes. It takes a few pounds of vegetables to get a 12-ounce glass of juice, which gives you an entire day’s serving in one glass, which, in turn, boosts the temple’s immune system that can annihilate cancer cells and prevent chronic disease. This liquid isn’t just hydrating, it’s full of energetic antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and phytonutrients. It must, however, be consumed within one hour and on an empty stomach. Otherwise, the juice will lose its energy. That’s why canned, bottled and dead juices are of little value.

Regrettably, mainstream America ironically refuses to reconnect with the earth created to support them, which explains our high rates of disease. Their cells starving for even basic nutrition. They’re programming so deeply embedded, I’ve actually been angrily, verbally attacked by fear-filled folks who fight for their right to eat and enjoy dead food. What folks must realize: they’re feeding disease; blunting their gift of perfect health as God intended. Surrender to God’s medicinal pharmacy rather than destroy the temple. Everybody has a cancer cell inside. Do you feed it, or kill it?

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