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By Torry Stiles

10. Manual High School is once again seeking help to fund their sports teams.

9. You look forward to the smooth parts of Madison Avenue.

8. Another year of wishing you’d gone to New Orleans for Mardi Gras has passed.

7. You’re getting ticked off about the neighbor’s Christmas lights still being up.

6. You start checking the sale ads for grass seed, garden hose and flea bombs.

5. Having depleted your post-Valentine’s Day candy supply you anxiously await the after-Easter sales.

4. Bathing suit anxiety attacks.

3. Barbecue supplies get taken off the clearance rack and put back on the regular shelves.

2. Your neighbor has stopped asking you to bet on football and is trying to make bank on baseball.

1. The mayor’s already explaining why potholes aren’t being repaired fast enough.


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