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Gov. Eric Holcomb speaks at Perry Township Lincoln Day Dinner

Gov. Eric Holcomb speaks at Perry Township Lincoln Day Dinner

By Chris Baker

An energetic crowd of more than 150 people gathered to attend the annual Indiana GOP Perry Township Lincoln Day Dinner. Along with Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb, other political figures included state Rep Cindy Kirchhofer, Sen. Jack Sandlin, Indianapolis-Marion County City-County Councillor Paul Annee, District 23.

Gov. Holcomb’s election campaign ran just 106 days after former Indiana Gov. Mike Pence was asked to be U.S. President Donald Trump’s running mate in 2016.

The governor said he feels optimistic for reelection due to President Trump’s leadership and the state’s current direction, acknowledging future and growing companies in the state with plans to create up to 27,137 jobs with average wages of $28.60 per hour, in addition to a 3.2 percent unemployment rate. “We are soaring,” Holcomb said. “We have a great story to share.”

Governor Eric Holcomb speaks with guests at the Perry Township GOP Lincoln Day Dinner. (Submitted photo)


“Working in this capacity has been as fulfilling as any other job I have ever had in my life,” Holcomb continued. He explained how working with Hoosiers is like being on a basketball team. “Each individual has a specific role to play to be the best they can be, yet each player also has a role as a team member to work as a collective toward a common goal.”

He also compared working as a governor to serving in the U.S. Navy, acknowledging that each person has a job to do they have been trained for, yet as a whole have duties and responsibilities in which others depend. “Your life depends on it sometimes,” he added.

“It doesn’t matter if they are the star player or someone on the bench,” he said, while adding that whether they are a seaman in the Navy or a general in the Army, great things can be accomplished when working together toward the future.

Regarding the city’s climbing annual homicide rate, Holcomb said he is working with the governor’s office and state police to research strategies that could aid the city.

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