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Top 10 scary things for 2020

By Torry Stiles

10. Hallmark Channel is going 24/7/365 on Christmas shows.

9. Two out of three gubernatorial candidates are at your front door wanting to debate mask mandates.

8.  The various TV networks have decided to renew the presidential campaign for another season.

7. Your crazy neighbor who is dying to join the riots has stocked up on both MAGA and ANTIFA shirts.

6. Every show you’ve binge-watched is getting cancelled.

5. Your middle school child comes back from the mall and dares you to guess what part got pierced this time.

4. Indy’s Burger Joint on Stop 11 finally gets its beer license and all it has is Michelob Ultra or Coors Light.

3. The Baby-Sitters Club book series issues a special Joe Biden commemorative story.

2. They declare the latest lockdown before you’ve filled the guest closet with toilet paper.

1.You buy a new calendar and instead of “Jan. 1, 2021” it says, “Dec. 32, 2020.”

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