Old Town Greenwood welcomes new cigar bar

Old Town Greenwood welcomes new cigar bar

By Amy Moshier

Old Town Greenwood has a place for people to enjoy some sophistication and high-quality cigars. Meet The Smoke Pit, managed by Reid Storvick and Rob Boyland.

Storvick, a Center Grove High School graduate, said he and Boyland are focused on creating an atmosphere that will benefit anyone looking to relax and have a cigar with friends.

“We really want a place where people can enjoy a long conversation with people they care about,” said Storvick. “It should be an experience they want to come back to.”

Reid Storvick, co-manager of The Smoke Pit. (Submitted photos)

The Smoke Pit has had a “soft opening,” and will have a grand opening sometime soon, he said. “We have some of the cigars in, so people enjoyed those,” he said. “We are still working on our liquor license to come through before we can really have a grand opening event.”

The availability of alcoholic beverages is crucial to creating an atmosphere a cigar bar should have, according to Storvick. “People like to come in and maybe have a shot of bourbon, whiskey, or maybe scotch.” Wine is popular as well.

“We’re looking for a place that’s casual; a place where everyone feels welcome,” said Rob. “The cigar culture is what’s important; the ability to smoke a classic cigar with an alcoholic beverage and friends to talk to or chat with.”

Storvick with co-manager Rob Boyland.

What makes cigar smoking a good experience? “With cigars, you don’t inhale,” said Rob. “You smoke for the flavor. And all 100 percent of cigars are pure tobacco, and that does add to the experience of smoking cigars.” The differences between smoking a cigarette and smoking cigars is making waves with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to Rob. “They are discovering that vapes and cigars are a totally different animal,” he said.

The cigar bar will sell premium cigars from all over the country, said Storvick. “We now have cigars form New York, Texas, Montana, Washington D.C. and some others.”

“The idea behind the Smoke Pit is to have a place to go anytime you want to escape and be comfortable in an atmosphere fit for anyone,” he said.

A grand opening is planned for the near future. The Smoke Pit is at 221 W. Main St., Greenwood, 46143. For more information, go to Facebook: The Smoke Pit.

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