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Top 10 differences between my COIVD experience and President Trump’s

By Torry Stiles

10. Immediate worldwide coverage of Trump’s symptoms, prognosis and  treatment plan.

9. “The president is facing a two-week quarantine period.” “Well, Torry, if nothing serious happens you go back to work on Monday.”

8. Apparently, I’m more essential than the president of the United States.

7. Masked Secret Service men drive him around in the limo. I was barred from riding a bus.

6. His food was better and far less likely to have been delivered by somebody with orders to leave it on the porch and take a picture of it.

5. My case of the ‘rona had absolutely no effect on the stock market.

4. Mike Pence wasn’t standing outside my door waiting for updates.

3. Immediate treatment, antibiotics and oxygen at Walter Reed for him while I got a single nurse at the clinic telling me to go home, shut the door and take some aspirin if needed.

2. 24-hour speculation of where Trump got his versus a five-minute phone survey asking me if I knew who gave me mine.

1.The entire Democratic party wasn’t wishing I got worse.

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