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Explaining the difference between ghosts and spirits, and other paranormal jargon

Explaining the difference between ghosts and spirits, and other paranormal jargon

By Rick Hinton

Paranormal jargon will not only put you in the know, but also help you to appear paranormal “savvy” when discussing the topic with friends and family, if that discussion ever comes about. As we inch toward the end of October, and Halloween, let’s go over a few key terms:

Many feel these are one and the same, however, on my journey I now feel differently. I believe a
ghost is a playback – a blast from the past – of someone, or something, that once existed. Think
of it as a film: you can view it, but there is no interaction because, frankly, it’s a movie. It’s an imprint that has somehow been absorbed in a house or environment, and then for reasons unknown
played back for your viewing pleasure. One example is the continued sightings of Union and
Confederate soldiers on the Gettysburg battlefield. They’re ghost. Spirits, however, are of a more
intelligent nature – not a playback – and sightings reported in the majority of hauntings. They are in
real time. They keep their once human personality aspect after passing (mischievous, foul, etc.) and
generally are the ones who take great joy in messing with you. They become a member of the family
whether you like it or not; unless you give them their walking papers.

Residual Haunting/Intelligent Haunting
This directly relates to the aforementioned ghosts and spirits. A residual haunting is a continuous
film loop of the past containing images of a life once lived. This would involve a ghost. They usually go through the same motions over and over. Sit back and grab the popcorn. On the other hand,
an intelligent haunting involves spirits that interact and make their presence known in more ways
than one. They are most often upset about something you have done. Time is of no matter to them,
and whether it’s your family, or two families after yours, they’re usually there for the long haul. And
yes … it’s not unusual to have both – ghosts and spirits – in one location.

Ghost or spirit? (Submitted photo)

The term Paranormal means just above or outside the normal order of things. This could also apply
to shopping at Walmart during the late hours on a Saturday night. Parapsychology is a branch of
science (a loose science anyway) delving into a dissection of psychic phenomena trying to arrive
at absolutes. Ok. They had to come up with some term to call it. …

Medium/Trance Medium
Many investigative groups use a medium. They are people professing the “gift” of the ability to communicate with spirits on various levels. They feel things and are also called sensitives. They can detect bad mojo in a location and work to get a read on the past. My wife, Laura is one of these. A trance
medium is on the next level, acting as a transmitter for the voices of disembodied spirits. They also
feel any pain dealt with in their past life. My wife, Laura has no desire to venture into this realm.

Interesting circles of colored lights that appear in photographs. They are often caused by bugs,
moisture or dust, so don’t get too excited about them. Now, if you see them with your own eyes,
that may be quite something else.

Ouija Board
Talk about some bad mojo! Don’t mess with it; it’s not just a child’s game. You won’t like the potential outcome.

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