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By Torry Stiles

(Dear readers: The Cinemark theater at US31 and Stop 13 got a major facelift and invited your most favorite and least controversial Top 10 writer to check it out. Never one to turn down something with the word “free” in the invitation, I just had to attend.)

10. They’ve got a Pizza Hut IN THE THEATER!

9. I got the celebrity treatment. Well, not like a REAL celebrity but they didn’t frisk me at the door.

8. The manager personally guaranteed me there would be no Pauly Shore films.

7. The floors were incredibly non-sticky.

6. They’ll be playing first-run movies plus the artsy stuff and if we write in with enough comments, they might do the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

5. They got those pop machines where you push buttons for every flavor under the rainbow. However, they still don’t let you smack the people who can’t make up their minds.

4. The old manager Demont Franklin is still there and he’s kept the old “barred list.” …. There’s a guy on the list I owe $20 and now I don’t have to sweat running into him at the movies.

3. Very nice staff who are too young to remember me getting kicked out the last time the Rocky Horror Picture Show played.

2. Five beers on tap plus frozen Jack & Cokes. Now if they could only give us longer intermissions and a “pause” button for potty breaks.

1.Heated reclining seats means you can at least get a good nap if the movie sucks.

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