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Shop local to support Hendricks County, this season and all the time

Shop local to support Hendricks County, this season and all the time

With Thanksgiving over, we are well into the holiday shopping routine.

Here is a friendly reminder that you can shop at numerous locally-owned retail outlets in Hendricks County that offer great gifts at reasonable prices. Support those businesses.

They are owned in most cases by local people who employ local people.

In the December issue of our sister publication, Hendricks County Business Leader, the Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership reported that according to an organization called Hoosiers by the Numbers, the county’s retail sector is our industry leader for the number of small businesses.

“Hendricks County’s small business and entrepreneurial environment are essential to our local economy as they drive growth in the county and reinvest back into the community,” the report said.

Reinvest is the key word. These businesses support schools, the local Cub Scouts, youth sports programs, churches, food pantries and more. They care deeply about Hendricks County and the communities they call work and home. Support them.

We fondly remember a great men’s clothing store in the county that went out of business a few years ago. It was a wonderful place to shop for clothes, and the owner was fun to talk to. He was always in a great mood and ready to help. He didn’t care if you came in to buy a pair of socks or a new suit. He didn’t even care if you simply stopped by to chat.

He was also a hot stop for those seeking donations and, of course, he was always very gracious in giving back. The problem was that many people who came to him seeking a donation never made any purchases at his store.

You understand.

We make no apology for suggesting you should shop local in Hendricks County. In fact, we believe it’s our civic duty.

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