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Plainfield Proud’ t-shirt campaign to show town unity

Plainfield Proud’ t-shirt campaign to show town unity

By Lindsay Doty

T-shirts that read “Better Together: Plainfield Proud” are being sold as a part of a unity campaign in Plainfield leading up to the town’s annual Quaker Day Parade on September 19.

Town leaders, in partnership with the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce, are selling the “Plainfield Proud” shirts as the community navigates the COVID-19 pandemic and the exhausting worries that come with it.

 “We started using the hashtag ‘Plainfield Proud’ when COVID-19 closures began in mid-March,” said Andrew Klinger, Plainfield Town Manager.

 “The phrase just stuck; we have an amazing community here and we saw and continue to see the best of this community throughout the pandemic.”

 The t-shirts are $15 with proceed going to My Daily Walk, a local organization dedicated to assisting low-income families with shoes and clothing at no cost.

 “It was important for us to come together with the Town to not only bring a sense of camaraderie to the community, but also to support a local charity while giving business to a local small business impacted by the pandemic,” said Brad DuBois, president of the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce.

 Shirts will be available for pick-up on Friday, September 18th and Saturday, September 18th, the day of the Quaker Day Parade.  Plainfield Proud is the theme of the long-standing 41-year town tradition.

There will be some restrictions for the parade due to the pandemic. Organizers say there will be no candy throwing or passing out promotional items.

There will also be social distancing during the parade with masks required in the staging area.

Shirts can be purchased through the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce at https://plainfieldincoc.wliinc18.com/events/Plainfield-Proud-T-Shirts-2302/details using credit card only. Purchases can be made in-person with cash or check on Saturday, September 19 prior to the parade.

Plainfield t-shirts campaign shows town support during tough times. (Photo provided by Town of Plainfield)

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