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Northwest Hendricks superintendent resigns

By Chris Cornwall

Following news of Superintendent Michael Springer’s resignation, residents took aim at the North West Hendricks School Board during last night’s regular board meeting in Lizton.

The board has come under fire since allegations surfaced last May of an inappropriate relationship between Tri-West teacher and football coach, Tyler Bruce, and a 17-year-old student. Springer’s recommendation that Bruce and two other faculty members be terminated was voted against by the board.

Many residents believe that Springer’s decision to resign before his contract was up is a result of the board’s decision to go against his recommendation.

“I think the school board is trying to push him out, and unfortunately that’s what happened,” said Cody Brunes, Danville. “He has recommended to do all the right things as far as terminations of teachers and staff members, and the school board just wants to keep going against it which makes no sense at all. It’s ridiculous. Springer was doing a great job. He had nothing to be concerned about. He was doing a fantastic job running the school district.”

The school board released a statement last night after it came to an agreement on Springer’s severance package.

“We are grateful for his service to our school corporation over the past couple of years. As evidenced in our 2019 ILearn state assessment scores, Mission/Vision/Strategic Plan, and enhancements to our facilities, our Superintendent played an integral role. We appreciate his service to our school community and wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

Bruce, who denies the allegations of misconduct, is currently under investigation by the Department of Child Services and the Indiana Department of Education.

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