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Massive pig triplets from Hendricks County rescue find forever home with Pittsboro’s retired police chief

Massive pig triplets from Hendricks County rescue find forever home with Pittsboro’s retired police chief

By Lindsay Doty

Every morning, Christi Patterson doles out a hearty mix of grains to three gigantic pigs named Vegan, Veggie, and Zsa Zsa, followed by a multi-purpose hose down. “I refill their water trough which they like to stand in and then dump to make mud puddles,” says Patterson of her recently adopted pig triplets who also enjoy apples, fruit, and the occasional marshmallow.

Retired Pittsboro Police Chief Christi Patterson stands with her newly adopted 1000-pound pig named Vegan on her farm in Georgia. In March, she adopted three triplet pigs from A Critter’s Chance rescue located in Hendricks County.
(Photo courtesy Christi Patterson)

The Yorkshire pigs are two and a half years old but weigh a whopping 1000 pounds each. They are as loveable as they are large. “They love getting their back scratched and wiggle when we do it.  Sometimes they lay down when you pet them so you can rub their bellies. They have such great personalities and are very gentle,” says Patterson.

In March, the retired Pittsboro Police Chief adopted the pigs from A Critter’s Chance, a nonprofit wild animal rescue and rehabilitation organization based in Hendricks County. With a large horse trailer and lots of water breaks, the triplets traveled across multi-state lines to live at Patterson’s 22-acre farm in Georgia.

“We are just so thankful that they have found a sanctuary home,” said Kelly Thomas, Vice President of A Critter’s Chance, who raised the triplets with her team and has been trying to find them a forever home for years. “Christi came over to meet them and fell in love with them. They are the sweetest pigs,” said Thomas.

In 2017, the pigs were orphaned at birth and abandoned on a farm in Plainfield on a cold night.  A Critter’s Chance took them in and raised them on Thomas’ farm in Avon.  A YouTube video shared by volunteers shows a montage of memories, from the piglets’ first birthday party (yes, they had a piñata), to their impressive growth spurts. “They grew really fast. These are enormous pigs,” said Thomas.

As piglets- Zsa Zsa, Vegan and Veggie enjoy a nice nap in the sun in 2017 at A Critter’s Chance farm in Avon. The rescue has been looking for a forever home for the Yorkshire pigs for years.
(Photo courtesy A Critter’s Chance)
The rescue leader recently sold her farm to move to Oregon to be closer to family, so finding a sanctuary for the pigs was a must-do.
She was relieved to find a forever home with a former Hendricks County resident.
“When I see the pictures and videos Christi shares of the pigs, it still chokes me up.  I miss them a lot and I know they have a fantastic home.”
Thomas says she’s keeping in touch with her triplets, even Facetiming with Zsa Zsa to check-in.

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