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In wake of COVID-19, Plainfield launches Resident Assistance Program

In wake of COVID-19, Plainfield launches Resident Assistance Program

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Town of Plainfield is launching a Plainfield Resident Assistance Program. Residents that are at a high risk from the coronavirus have been instructed to stay home and avoid other people for their own safety. The Resident Assistance Program is being designed to help these high-risk Plainfield residents by connecting them with resources to meet their basic needs.


“We understand that people still have needs that must be met and there are many people who want to help,” said Town of Plainfield Town Manager Andrew Klinger. “We want everyone to stay safe, so this program is designed to help deliver supplies or resources to high risk individuals without exposing them through unnecessary human contact that could put them at risk.”


The Assistance Program can assist with delivery of pre-paid groceries and medications that are ready for pick-up.  Town employees, who have gone through a health screening, will be activated to pick up requested essentials and drop goods off at doorsteps.  


“We have been proactive in coordinating and receiving guidance from local pharmacies and grocery stores to ensure efficient and expedited delivery of essential items.” said Klinger.


For residents who are not able to process an online order and or have other limitations, the Town may be able to help connect residents with area churches or other community resources for a wide variety of issues.  


For more information, email residentassistance@townofplainfield.com or call (317) 839-2561. Because of safety concerns, all deliveries will be made in marked Town of Plainfield vehicles. The Town will begin accepting requests via email on Friday, March 20 and assistance will be available from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday, beginning March 23. Based on volume of requested assistance, the Town may look at expanding the program in the future.

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