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Hendricks County residents plan peaceful protests for Black Lives Matter

Hendricks County residents plan peaceful protests for Black Lives Matter

By Lindsay Doty

Residents in Hendricks County have organized peaceful protests for Thursday afternoon in support of Black Lives Matter and social injustice.

The groups have used social media and community chatter pages to get the word out.

In Avon, the group Black Lives Matter Avon has posted information about a peaceful assembly or sit-in scheduled for Thursday, June 11 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. It will take place on the gravel lot at Avon Town Hall Park. Organizers are asking participants to wear face masks to protect against COVID-19.

Organizers stated on the Facebook page that the event is strictly peaceful.

“ We think it is important to do in Hendrick’s County because it is important to raise awareness,” said Black Lives Matter Avon organizer Karen Hutchings.

“ When people think of systemic racism or other serious forms of racial injustice, they tend to associate it with larger cities like Indianapolis. But as our speakers will be sharing today, the people of color in this community are not immune to injustice and discrimination. It is important as a predominantly white community to give our people of color a platform to have their voices and truths heard.”

Organizer Marilyn Kolpien says the goal is to bring the community together and give a platform for some people of color in the Avon community to share their stories.

“Our goal for this assembly is not divide us; instead, it is to unite us under one goal to become a better, more educated community on the discrimination and injustices our people of color face. We want our black community to know we see them, hear them, and will stand by them. And we want everyone else to educate themselves and fight alongside them,” said Kolpien.

In Brownsburg, protests for social justice are also planned in front of Brownsburg Town Hall Green on Thursday, June 11 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Town leaders issued a statement in support of voices being heard in a safe way.

“One of the reasons Brownsburg is a great place to live, work and play is that people of varying backgrounds can come together and be heard,” said Brownsburg Town Manager Jeff Eder.

“Town leadership commits to always listening and being an active participant in dialogue that moves us all forward,” he said.

The Brownsburg Police Department is aware of the scheduled protest and stated that the local residents who have organized the protests met with staff to discuss logistics. The department said it will be actively monitoring the protest to ensure the safety of all parties in attendance and the local community.

“Brownsburg is home to a police department that values the tremendous support we receive from our citizens. We will remain steadfast in our commitment to support and protect all citizens equally in this community,” said Brownsburg Police Chief Joseph Grimes.

Black Lives Matter signs made by Karen Hutchings and Marilyn Kolpien for June 11 peaceful protests in Avon and Brownsburg
(Submitted Photo)

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