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Hendricks County municipalities working together to fight COVID-19 spread

Hendricks County municipalities working together to fight COVID-19 spread

The Town Managers of the four largest towns in Hendricks County, along with the Hendricks County Administrator, are collaborating for the betterment of all Hendricks County residents. Hendricks County communities are committed to tackling the spread of COVID-19 together. Regular conference calls have been established to improve communication, share protocols and policies, and support each other through this COVID-19 pandemic. The Towns are also committed to sharing mutual aid if needed and available in this unprecedented time.

The town managers also have regular and on-going communication with the county’s Emergency Management Office and the Hendricks County Board of Health to share information and potential coordinated responses within the community. 

“The Hendricks County Town Councils and their staff have worked over the years to develop relationships across communities,” said Town of Avon Town Manager Tom Klein. “We are proud of this work of the past, as it has helped us communicate and share information in a cooperative manner during the pandemic.”

As of Wednesday, March 18, the Towns of Avon, Brownsburg, Danville and Plainfield have all taken steps to limit visitation or close public facilities altogether for at least two weeks to help fight the spread of the coronavirus. 

“We all need to work together for everybody’s well-being and particularly our most vulnerable residents,” said Andrew Klinger, Plainfield Town Manager. “Cooperation between our communities on this issue will help us to protect our broader Hendricks County community.”

If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop a fever and symptoms of respiratory illness, such as cough or difficulty breathing, the CDC advises you to call your medical provider immediately. Hendricks Regional Health has created a 24/7 hotline for over-the-phone screenings (317) 520-5500.    

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