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Gleaners Food Bank hosts annual CARE Mobile Pantry

Gleaners Food Bank hosts annual CARE Mobile Pantry

By Grady Gaynor

The weekend is our opportunity to choose to allocate our time to chores, self-improvement, our families and hobbies. Last weekend, through my Christian fellowship men’s group “Ignite,” I used this time in service.

On June 4, Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana kicked off this year’s CARE Mobile Pantry. Every Saturday this summer, Gleaners will be handing out fresh groceries and supplies to families in the most desperate need in our communities at the old John Marshall High School parking lot at 10101 E 38th St. More than 1,000 families were provided with potatoes, pineapples, lunchables, milk, vitamins, hand sanitizer and more.

A father gathering groceries with his family extended his thanks for the meals they would be having these next days in their time of need.

Brothers Grady and Gregory Gaynor grew closer through
community service. (Submitted photos)

“It means a lot to have you people here showing others care about what we are going through,” he said. “When schools, groceries stores and other jobs are shutting down all around us, we feel like the ones left out in many ways. But not today.”

This a great use of time in many ways. First and foremost, I helped my fellow neighbor. I also grew closer to my family members, I got good exercise outdoors, feel motivated to do this again, and look for more opportunities to give back.

If you’re interested in seeing this amazing community engaging food drive, visit gleaners.org/get-involved/volunteer.

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