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Crafty end-of-year school fun and inspiration

Crafty end-of-year school fun and inspiration

By Angie Norris

As the stay-at-home order is being lifted and things start opening, the schools are still closed, and our kids are still at home. It’s the last couple weeks of what would have been their last days of the school year and they’re missing all the fun activities. Some of our students left school in March and will never go back to that school, as their time there has ended. How about trying some activities and crafts that remind them of “end- of-the-year” school fun and inspiration for their next chapters in life?

Inspiration boards add homemade decoration to your home. (Photos by Angie Norris)

Inspiration boards

One good way to remember this school year or give yourself inspiration for the future is to paint inspiration boards. You can use old two-by-fours or boards, house paint you may have laying around, or purchase wood and paint from any hardware or craft store. Hand paint or stencil inspirational words onto the boards using art paint brushes or sponges. You can apply hardware on the back to hang the board on the wall, or just sit it on a shelf to show yourself your strength.

Reverse tie-dye

DIY reverse tie-dye shirts are a fun activity to do to remind your kids of their last days of school. You can make these with things you already have in your home, or you can go purchase them from any store. All you will need for this is a black T-shirt, a spray bottle, rubber bands and some bleach. There are lots of designs that you can make on your shirt. For example, you could make a spiral design, stripes, spots, or even ombre. The first thing you will need to do is prep your shirt by twisting, rolling, or pinching the fabric into tight folds, then place rubber bands on desired spots. After your shirt is prepped put it in your shower or sink to get it damp, then spray your shirt with the bleach. You can spray one side or both. After letting it sit for 15-20 minutes, thoroughly rinse with cold water, wash and dry it. After it is dry your kids will have a brand-new shirt made by them.

Nate, Charles, Molly and Lea show their finished reverse tie-dye shirts.

Thank a teacher

Our teachers need to know how much we appreciate them with the school year coming to an end, especially during these times. Have your kids take a little time to make their teacher an appreciation card. They can use colored paper and markers or stickers. They can color flowers or things that remind them of their teacher or write how the teacher impacted them or how they will remember them. After they’re done, take a picture and email it to their teacher, or mail it to the school. What a great way for a teacher to end the year by seeing how much they are appreciated.

Staying creative while having fun helps the brain stay active and healthy when most of our kids are only learning from computers right now. Have them create something they can be proud to show off and remember forever.


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