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Indianapolis City-County Councilor announces COVID-19 diagnosis

Indianapolis City-County Councilor announces COVID-19 diagnosis

By Nancy Price

District 16 City-County Councilor Kristin Jones has announced that she has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

In a newsletter sent dated March 5, Jones said: “As the city-county councilor for District 16, I understand the importance of staying vigilant in our collective fight against the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. Aware of the role public officials can be expected to uphold, and with a genuine desire to follow the advice of our healthcare experts, my husband and I both stayed safe and stayed home.”

Jones said she and her husband Donny “quarantined” packages and nonperishable food brought into their home, even disinfecting perishable food, as well as using wipes, gloves and masks when running essential errands. Jones said she only left the house to watch a funeral procession for the late IMPD Officer Brianna Leath from the safety of her car.

Kristin Jones. (Submitted photo)

“It therefore came as a complete shock when I was diagnosed with COVID-19 10 days ago,” she said. “Today, May 5, is my 13th day of fever, cough, chest pains and utter fatigue, among other symptoms. I was treated and released at a local ER today with an additional diagnosis of double pneumonia. Folks, you don’t want this. And you don’t want to give this to anyone. I struggle to get out of bed and to get dressed. Eating is a chore. As I try to keep up with constituent work, I ask for your patience in that regard. This is not the 48-hour flu and I have a way to go to get to recovery.

Jones said that she is grateful that Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett and the administration, the Marion County Health Department and the Indianapolis City-Council took measures seriously to help curb the spread of coronavirus.

“What if we hadn’t? What if I was unknowingly exposing the entire council and administration officials? Or what if I was attending all the neighborhood meetings and community events? Thankfully, due to their leadership, I did not. Many have been asking about Donny. Thankfully, he has no symptoms, and that’s good for him. But that’s not good for you. Asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people are the very reason we need to continue to be vigilant and practice social distancing, hand washing and wearing a mask in public. If I can get the coronavirus, you can, too.”

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