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Community foundation addresses Hendricks County needs

Community foundation addresses Hendricks County needs

The Hendricks County Community Foundation reported in mid-February that nearly 250 community members participated in two January meetings to help address key issues discovered in a 2019 community needs assessment. 

For a refresher, the key issues include community unity and healthy communities.

On March 13 the foundation will submit applications for two Lilly Endowment grants to fund some of the cost of these initiatives.

William Rhodehamel, president and CEO of the foundation, also announced the community stepped up to complete the match of $550,000. The challenge grant from the Lilly Endowment offered $2 for every $1 raised. The funds are used to address some of the greatest needs.

It’s this type of community involvement that makes Hendricks County a great place to live.


Lilly scholars

The ICON congratulates the students named Lilly Scholars in our community. This is a full ride scholarship to any public or private accredited and nonprofit college or university in Indiana. Scholars also get a $900 stipend for textbooks or equipment.

This year the Hendricks County recipients are Toby Kult of Danville High School, Connor O’Neill of Avon High School and Sophia Whicker of Plainfield High School. 

This is a life changing opportunity for these students. The foundation received more than 180 applications from Hendricks County students. Ten finalists were asked in for an interview in this highly competitive process.

Finalists included: Lauren Coffey, Plainfield; Samantha Hayden, Plainfield, Isabelle Vernengo, Plainfield; Macy Walters, Tri-West High School; Aubree Whicker, Cascade High School; and Olivia Zetty, Avon.

Congratulations to the winners and the finalists!


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