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Champions of Philanthropy: Renee Harlor

By Stephanie Dolan

They say the measure of someone can be taken by how they treat animals.

Renee Harlor, of Avon, is the co-founder and president of Misty Eyes Animal Center. Harlor founded Misty Eyes along with Cherie Fox.

“Misty Eyes is eight years old now,” Harlor said. “It was founded in 2011. There is a need in the community for an organization that would rehabilitate and rehome dogs and cats as well as teach responsible pet ownership and kindness towards all. We want to help solve the problem of pet overpopulation and neglect.”

Harlor said that she is very proud that Misty Eyes does not turn away animals who are in need of medical attention.

“It doesn’t matter if the animal is senior,” she said. “They deserve every chance to overcome illness or injury due to abuse or neglect.”

Before settling in Avon, Misty Eyes had a spot on Main Street in Brownsburg, where it stayed from 2013-2016. Since 2017, though, Misty Eyes’ home has been in Avon where construction of its compound is still underway.

The new building on the drawing board, Kitty City, will allow Misty Eyes to rescue 400 more cats a year than it is currently able.

“Right now, we’re turning away two animals for every one we take in,” Harlor said. “We have the urgency of saving a life, and this building will make that happen.”

For its eighth consecutive year, Misty Eyes annual fundraiser, Raise the Woof, will raise funds for the animals that are so important to Harlor.

“It’s gotten bigger every year,” she said. “It sold out for the first time last year. We’ve moved to a slightly bigger venue this year and anticipate selling out again. This year, we’d like to raise $18,000. This particular fundraiser will go right to Kitty City. We’re getting ready to break ground.”

Raise the Woof is March 28 at the Pavilion Center at Washington Township Park. To purchase tickets, visit the website at mistyeyes.org/rtw.

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