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Butter-up: Danville’s historic Royal Theater curbside concessions during quarantine

Butter-up: Danville’s historic Royal Theater curbside concessions during quarantine

By Lindsay Doty

With plenty of at-home movie nights on the quarantine calendar, the Royal Theater in Danville is offering curbside concessions.

The historic theater, located in Danville’s downtown square,  is selling take-out boxes of its buttery popcorn from 4 to 6:30 p.m. several times a week (typically Wednesdays and Fridays).

A small box is $3. Medium is $4. The theater is also selling popcorn tubs, candy, and cold drinks. People can get treats outside by self-serve or come in for pickup.

Photos by Eric Pritchett

“We have been very careful with the cleaning process and we have the same two people working every concession,” explains Tracie Shearer, who runs the Royal.

“If the weather is nice, we keep the door propped open so people don’t even have to touch the door.”

The vintage 1920s moviehouse is the oldest operating theater in Hendricks County and has a dedicated following. It’s known for shows, discount films, and tasty (but affordable) concessions.

Since the stay-at-home order, Royal fans have been eager to still get their buttery fix.

“I just stopped and got mine!!!! Thanks for the great popcorn and cold Mr. Pib!! I can’t wait for you to be open again! I love taking my girls here! ” posts Kristan Foley after picking up some takeout treats.

“What a great snack to have during movie night! ” posts Brooke Ginder before an evening of Disney +.

Guests are encouraged to snap a photo of their popcorn experience and tag #WeAreDanvilleIN to support the local business community.

“I am grateful that the Royal will be able to withstand the storm. Even more, I’m truly thankful that the folks in our community stand for each other and support each other and will come out stronger,” said Shearer.

To get updates,  you can go to the Royal’s Facebook and Instagram pages.


The Royal is located at 59 S. Washington in Danville.

Debbie Gillespie made masks for her and her son Derek to use while they server take home refreshments from the Royal Theater for a virtual movie nights.

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