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Brownsburg family cheers up 2020 seniors with hug cards

Brownsburg family cheers up 2020 seniors with hug cards

By Lindsay Doty

When Brownsburg High Schooll senior Gabrielle “Gabby” Miller found out her final high school days would be spent at home, she felt cheated and bummed.

“I want to be able to experience the whole high school career. Finishing high school at home is going to be very tough. Learning new things over a laptop and actually seeing things is way different,” said Miller.

“The thing I will miss the most is all my amazing teachers at Brownsburg High School and all my friends.”

Members of Class of 2020 had similar feelings after Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced an executive order on April 2 to keep K-12 schools closed for the academic year to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Students will finish their school year through virtual learning and at-home assignments.

“We are all hurting and upset because we didn’t get to even say our last goodbyes, nor be able to finish all the spring sports, prom, or walking across the sate to receive our diplomas,” said Miller.

To boost the mood, Gabby and her family have been mailing out encouragement cards to classmates with messages like “a paper hug,”

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“Thinking about the Class of 2020! “ said Rebecca Miller, Gabby’s mother, who has sent 45 paper cards so far. She’s using social media to take requests.

“We’d like to help brighten someone’s day by sending them a card with some encouraging words from our family,” she said.

“We are in this together! Class of 2020 as always #bulldogtough.”

The cards have gone to friends, strangers, and young students who are also adjusting to the idea of no more “real” school.

“I have had others send me a request to just send their child one because they are having a hard time being cooped up,” said Rebecca Miller.

The cards have received a warm welcome, showing everyone that a simple kind message can go a long way.

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