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Brownsburg Council hears first Parks Authority meeting during council session

By Melissa Gibson

The Brownsburg Town Council met Aug. 10 for a regular meeting at the Brownsburg Town Hall. The next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Aug. 24 at 61 N. Green St., Brownsburg.

What happened: Kathy Dillon, Water Utilities director shared bid results for the Northeast Sewer Interceptor Phase One project.

What this Means: The project will extend a gravity sewer along the west side of the future development of Ronald Reagan Parkway, beginning at County Road 700 N and ending at County Road 750 N. Contractor Eagle Valley was the lowest bidder at $2,314,810.00, nearly $1 million lower than anticipated costs. The project also includes a grant of $877,778.00 to offset costs. Construction is expected to begin prior to Sept. 20, 2023 and to be completed by Dec. 31, 2024. The Council passed a motion to accept the bid unanimously.

What happened: Town Manager Deb Cook presented an ordinance to prohibit the use of public records for commercial purposes.

What this Means: According to the Access to Public Records Act, municipalities can prohibit the use of sharing public records for commercial purposes. Cook said it’s not uncommon to receive a request for all Brownsburg vendors and their contact information or all purchasing records for the past 18 months for example, solely for the purpose of the requestor to solicit business or funds from these contacts. The ordinance will not prohibit media, nonprofits or Brownsburg residents from receiving this requested information but will decrease the amount of time and labor spent for commercial requests. The Council approved unanimously.

What happened: The Council heard a motion to approve a conditional rezone from Hendricks County Residential to High Intensity General Commercial.

What this Means: The former Carr property located at the southeast corner of S. Green St. and E. County Road 300 N is 16 acres and petitioners have plans for approximately 90,000 square feet of various retail space. The Council approved the rezone unanimously.

What happened: The first Park Authority meeting was presented to the Council by former Parks Board member Amber Lane.

What this Means: The Parks Department now communicates with Cook on activities and needs within the park system. Lane presented information regarding the Master Plan Resident Survey, expected to be available to the community by Aug. 14 as they continue to finalize the five-year master plan.

The Parks Before and After School Enrichment (BASE) program is seeking additional staff. There is a current waitlist and as staff increases, those families will be invited into the program.

Council President Travis Tschaenn shared a few concerns regarding the parks department. He’s interested in including additional signage or information in Williams Park when landscaping requires residents to stay off the grass for a period of time.

Tschaenn also suggested finding ways to partner with the Lucas Oil Raceway and the racing population in general and he requested additional information on the BASE program finances; asking if the program is net neutral or if the department is losing revenue.

Vice President Ben Lacey asked about safety within the current parks system and Lane shared information regarding weekly certified safety inspectors who alert the town to low and high-risk issues in the public parks based on national standards.

What happened: Tschaenn shared the need for an appointment to the Advisory Plan Commission (APC) in light of former member Troy Austin moving out of the Town of Brownsburg.

What this Means: Tschaenn appointed former Parks Board member Kent Fillinger to the position.

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