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Avon referendum: ‘need or greed’

The Avon Community School Corporation wants to impose a property tax of up to $0.3536 on each $100 of assessed valuation in addition to all other property taxes imposed by the school for the next 8 years. This could increase the property tax cap.

At community informational meetings the ACSC introduced three levels of possible taxation that were being considered:  Essential, Improved and Optimal, with tax rates per $100 of the assessed value of $0.2747, $0.3239, and $0.3637 respectively. In the end, the ASCS chose to ask for a tax rate of $0.3536, close to that of the Optimal rate. The ACSC is asking for money to provide for far more than simply an increase in the number of teachers to reduce class size and an increase in teacher salaries to competitive values.

The ACSC recently received a grant of $792,000 from the Lily Endowment for its counseling programs but is still asking for money for more counselors. The corporation wants money for more clubs and extra-curricular activities for high school students, but there are already six different performing arts groups, 20 sports, and 45 clubs/societies/activities for the students at Avon High School.

In February, I received a form letter signed by the school superintendent telling senior citizens how they could get a gold card that would allow them to attend most school-sponsored events without charge. Does this mean that the schools really don’t need the money, or was it just a way to try to influence votes?

Has the ACSC considered how the increased tax will affect senior citizens on a fixed income or young struggling families? Will it make the students, especially those at the high school level, now feel that they are entitled to “extras”?  If so, how will this affect their sense of independence and responsibility and their work ethic?

When I was young, my family was poorer; we learned the difference between “need” and “want.” The ACSC is asking for money for more than just genuine needs.  I plan to show the ACSC that I recognize the difference between need and greed by voting NO on the referendum this May.

Tina Northern,


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