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Keep Calm and Wash On

Keep Calm and Wash On

Published March 20, 2020 

So sooner rather than later, Hendricks County got word of its first confirmed case of COVID-19 or coronavirus. 

Likely, by the time this edition comes out, there could be several more confirmed cases. If you have been paying attention, this should not shock you. Without rehashing the handwashing, coughing and elbow bumping prescriptions, we respectfully ask for readers to use common sense. 

Take precautions. Listen for suggestions from the Hendricks County Health Department, the Hendricks County Emergency Preparedness and the Indiana State Department of Health. Now about hype…

News organizations have often exploited situations to increase fans. The media does overhype often, leaving readers and viewers with that “boy who cried wolf” feeling.

However, this time the wolf is real.

Don’t ignore the media because you think it is exaggerating the effects of the coronavirus. Wash your hands regularly. Only use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available. Don’t wear masks. They don’t help.

Pay attention to the stories coming out of Italy and any stories about the measures China had to take to squelch the spread of COVID-19. While the United States may not see a pandemic, you should definitely expect more cases.

Insidious COVID-19 spreads quickly because most carriers won’t realize they’re even ill. 

The real casualty of the coronavirus will be the economic impact. NBA and NCAA games may be played in empty arenas. Churches may only have virtual services. More conventions and conferences will be canceled. Business will suffer.

However, the impact will be significantly minimized if we keep calm and wash our hands.

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