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Avon awards Waltons its first Avon/Nova Award

Suzy and Joe Walton received the first AVON/NOVA award Aug. 12 for their generosity and willingness to help others, especially during the pandemic. (Photo provided by Suzy Walton)

The Town of Avon awarded Suzy and Joe Walton with its first AVON|NOVA award during the Aug. 12 council meeting. 

During the past two months, the Town of Avon has been promoting a new program called the AVON|NOVA award. NOVA, with the slogan Good People Shining Brightly, was created to promote a focus on the good that is happening in the local community and to shine a light on those that are not only promoting it but also nurturing a strong community pride. 

The town will continue accepting nominations and present this award monthly. 

This month’s nomination was submitted by Brittany. Suzy Walton has been her babysitter for more than six years. 

She wrote, “There have been multiple occasions where Suzy and Joe buy clothes for parents and kids who are struggling. You don’t have to ask for anything with Suzy and Joe. This dynamic duo just steps in and knows exactly what to do.” 

When COVID happened, Brittany was called to work in the hospital to help as a nurse. Suzy and Joe dropped their camper off in her driveway so she could shower without having to worry about taking germs inside her home. They kept her kids the night after she would work so she could decompress. 

“If everyone in Avon were as caring as these two individuals, the town would be simply amazing,” the nomination said.

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