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Your questions, answered

Your questions, answered

By Nicole Davis

As a pediatrician, Dr. Don Dubois felt there were times that communication between doctor and patient would fall short because of the hectic office practices and limited time to answer all questions during a visit.

Having retired from his full-time career with Community Health Network, Dubois now aims to continue serving the central Indiana community part time by offering consulting services via phone – giving old-fashioned advice or second opinions through Dubois Pediatrics Consulting.

“I like to present myself as old-fashioned and old school,” Dubois said. “Because of my age, you could call me the grandfather pediatrician. I’ve been doing this over 50 years. I’ve seen it all. I’ve done it all. When they call an outside person for advice, they don’t have to worry about being hurried. My thought is to be calm, unhurried, nonthreatening and confidential.”

Dubois, a Center Grove resident, is a 1964 graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine where he specialized in pediatrics, child development and behavioral pediatrics.

Dr. Don Dubois. (Submitted photo)

Dubois’ services in his consulting practice would not replace ongoing care by the patient’s current primary care physician, and he will not be examining patients in-person or prescribing medication. He intends to offer a chance have a relaxed conversation with an experienced pediatrician on issues they may not have felt comfortable addressing or didn’t feel were resolved at their visit.

He has special interest and training in many aspects of baby care which includes, but it not limited to, poor feeding habits, fussiness and colic, sleeping irregularities and bowel issues. In older kids he can be helpful with behavioral issues, hyperactivity, bullying, school problems and helping the child adjust to family discord.

He is available for a phone consultation Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Visits can range from five to 20 minutes depending on the circumstances.

For more information, call Dubois at (317) 300-4582 and leave a name, the child’s first and last name with birthdate, mailing address and a good time to return the call. Pricing will vary from a minimum of $25 to $100 depending on the duration of the call. Payments may be made to Dr. Don DuBois, MD, FAAP, P.O. Box 1364 Greenwood 46142.

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