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Triumph, joy and validation after a successful surgery

By Wendell Fowler

Words fail to express our joyous gratitude for the successful outcome of Sandi’s tumor removal surgery. We call it a miracle and the surgeon described it the perfect scenario: healthy going in, healthy going out. (Exhale!)

After physical, mental and spiritual preparation, the successful surgery to remove the tumor was due to what her delighted surgeon explained: Sandi’s confidant, optimistic attitude, our plant-based diet and lifestyle, exercise, community support, meditative prayer and intentions. Plus, at 72, she has no age-related disease like high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, or diabetes, which “made surgery a breeze”, the surgeon remarked. Because she entered surgery heathy, the surgeon said the outcome may not have been so good. Instantly, the sadness, worry or fear lifted as our hearts danced in joy.

Not just cancer, but the American Cancer Society states a plant-based diet can be used as a powerful potential treatment for chronic diseases and conditions — such as hypertension, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and multiple types of cancer. Eighty percent of all healthcare spending in the U.S. is tied to the treatment of conditions rooted in the poor lifestyle choices you are going to change, right? 

As sure as the sun’s going to shine tomorrow, the plant-based diet and lifestyle I’ve been preaching is set in stone worldwide as your antidote to the current plague of largely preventable diseases of modern society. Reminder: a plant-based diet (PBD): A whole-foods plant-based eating pattern rich in non-GMO, fresh local fruits and vegetables, beans, herbs, nuts and seeds, good fats, minimal unprocessed whole grains, low in meat, dairy and zero-processed junk foods. (The genesis of many diseases.) A PBD, along with other healthy living habits, can improve many chronic health conditions and help keep your sacred temple healthy and energetic. It’s doable because everyone has full access to the knowledge of how to prevent the heartbreak.

Health is the sum of our choices … not a family hand-me down as you’d like to think. Genes may load the gun, but you pull the trigger. We must be thankful this info has come forward. We most certainly are!

I still receive a lot of fear-based mockery for my eating choices, so here’s to everyone who ridicules me for eating “weeds”: I love and forgive you. May you be well, safe, protected by earth’s sacred medicine and never wait in a room anticipating the surgeon’s entrance to reveal the unknown outcome. You’re pretty darn special.


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