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Tri-West students walkout to support terminated employee

Tri-West students walkout to support terminated employee


By Gus Pearcy 


The termination of a part-time employee prompted a student walkout March 5 at Tri-West High School.

David Pyatt, a part-time attendance secretary, alerted police to surveillance camera footage that allegedly showed Tri-West football coach Tyler Bruce and his 16-year-old teacher’s assistant entering his office where the lights eventually went out. The footage was part of the reason that the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office launched a nine-month investigation resulting in charges of child seduction against Bruce.

According to a prepared statement released by Northwest Hendricks School Corporation spokesperson Donna Petraits, the video “confiscated” by Pyatt was “disclosed  in violation of federal and state law. Broadcasting this video potentially compromises an ongoing criminal case, violates federal student privacy laws, and exploits a young woman.” The video was aired by WRTV 6. Furthermore, the statement reported there was extensive cause to terminate Pyatt.

“The basis for his discharge includes multiple incidents over the school year of insubordination, unprofessionalism and disruptive behavior in violation of board policy, staff handbook and federal law,” said the statement that was released March 4. “We will respect Mr. Pyatt’s privacy and not discuss the numerous reasons for his discharge further, fully anticipating that rumor, misinformation and speculation will abound.” 

Students walked out in support of Pyatt after a planned fire drill. A regularly-scheduled school  school board meeting is set for Tuesday, March 10, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m., at Tri-West Middle School.


A Hendricks County Sheriff’s deputy is parked outside of Tri-West High School March 5 during a student walk out in support of terminated employee David Pyatt. (Photo by Faith Toole)

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