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Transformation to Thanksgiving, 2019

Transformation to Thanksgiving, 2019

It’s that time of year – Thanksgiving – and thoughts turning toward ushering in the holiday season, with all of the ramifications involved: the cold; goodbye leaves, hello snow; ice; driving nightmares. There are transformations of retail outlets from Halloween to Christmas, seemingly with no pause in between. The sudden appearance of holiday lights across the Southside and the promise of Black Friday. Something you can sink your teeth into!

Paranormal investigators are not immune to this time of year. They eat turkey and ham … maybe some oyster dressing, and take part in Thanksgiving festivities, momentarily taking pause from the mysteries of the paranormal to make time for family, food and reflecting on just where they are in life’s journey. If they are not doing this, perhaps they should. This can be a brief repose of sanity from a world full of shadows, darkness and a realm of questions that will most likely not be answered in our lifetime. God and family should be top focus and appreciating what you have while you still have it.

Those around us will not go on forever. Each year brings changes. Appreciate the folks in your life as the table is laid out with food and conversation. Next year could be totally different.

Thanksgiving is soon to be followed by a winter wonderland. (Photo by Rick Hinton)

Thanksgiving is a time of many things: family and friends, love and relationships; the things that matter! Cherish these events while you have the opportunity because there are those changes with which we have no control. This will be the fifth Thanksgiving without my mother, who after a five-year health struggle, lost her battle and died in 2014. I still feel her void and imagine I always will.

Health concerns and a surgery have made 2019 a memorable year; yet, not the warm fuzzy memories that spark up laughter and good cheer. People have grown older and started their own transitions (a driver’s license and car), weight has been lost, a book published and bucket list items checked off as we now move into a cycle of shorter, grayer days with unpredictable weather. The biggest decision for this turkey day … will it be turkey, ham, or both? And, my proud tradition of smiling broadly as I roll over in my bed on Black Friday morning, pulling the covers up to my chin and staying put.

The paranormal shuts off momentarily for family and friends; and for life. It will, however, resume. It always does! Native Americans felt that the first settlers were ghosts and spirits because of the color of their skin. Then came the Thanksgiving feast where all seemed to be going so well. Then … things changed. But, that’s another story.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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