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Torry’s Top Ten: Signs winter is coming to an end on the Southside

by Torry Stiles

  1. Cursing about the lack of snowplows has been replaced by cursing about the lack of D. O. T. trucks fixing potholes. 
  2. You’re actually excited about seeing the first mosquito of the season. 
  3. You have major anxiety trying to decide if you’re going to commit to a hot summer body or rely on baggy clothes to get you through the year. 
  4. Shamrock shakes are back. 
  5. The last of the Christmas lights come down. 
  6. You’ve learned how to lower your eyes and walk swiftly past the Girl Scout cookie table outside the store. 
  7. “Yard sale!”
  8. Your heart jumps when you realize that you’re just weeks away from the first Tee-ball game of the season. 
  9. Mrs. Curl has taken the boards off the windows. 
  10. The news is reporting on the first sighting of a Dale Earnhardt “3” flag. 

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