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By Torry Stiles

10. Long’s Donuts. My diabetes doctor has demanded my picture be posted next to their register with the warning, “Do not serve.”

9. Jimmy’s Diner. The less said about the clientele the better. Eat your food, avoid eye contact and if it gets scary just say in a loud voice, “How about them Tunny boys!”

8. Between the Bun. I haven’t made it through their menu and the doctor says I shouldn’t. … but I’m no quitter.

7. Shallo’s. A great place to visit so you can order new and different beers while claiming you’re trying something new and not just drinking more beer.

6. St. Francis Hospital cafeteria. Good food but the beer list is lacking.

5. The New Bethel Ordinary. Pizza and beer and more pizza.

4. Lotus Garden. Forget the jokes about missing cats and appreciate that they’ve lasted over 50 years and there are still cats in Greenwood.

3. Brozzinni’s. Big pizzas and salads that you swear you’ll try to finish in one sitting like the last time you stuffed yourself and swore you’d never try to finish it in one sitting again.

2. Leon’s Mexican Restaurant. I don’t know if it’s authentic Mexican because the only time I was a Mexican was in 1984 when I was messing with a census taker.

1. Sushi Club. It’s more than just raw fish and seaweed. Think of it as your own little taste of life as a mermaid … that actually tastes like mermaid.

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