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By Torry Stiles

(Dear readers – Depression has claimed a few of my friends recently. Probably a few of yours, too. Community Hospital, Valle Vista, St. Vincent’s, St. Francis and several other locations offer 24/7 assistance when you need it. I’m no good at serious stuff so here are a few things you might keep in mind when the darkness seems overwhelming.)

10. You’ll never get another chance to have a Twitter war with one of those folks who like to type in all caps.

9. There’s still a chance you could be bitten by a radioactive spider.

8. Dr. Pepper has a few more flavors to trot out.

7. The next Ryan Reynolds project.

6. I’ m betting the new Red Line goes bust in five years. Want a piece of that?

5. You’re only hurting the ones who care.

4. Once you’re gone folks are going to be going through your stuff. Are you sure you cleaned out your web history?

3. The great taste of Miracle Whip.

2. You still haven’t learned the lyrics to, “Louie, Louie.”

1. There is still someone out there who loves you and cares. They may be total strangers, but they are out there.

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