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By Torry Stiles

10. A new puppy. Everybody loves puppies. Wrap it up and get it under the tree as soon as possible and let the kids guess what’s in the box. No peeking!

9. “Make Armenia Great Again” hat. Just to see who’s paying attention.

8. Candle-scented candle.

7. Gift certificate for a life-sized tattoo of yourself.

6. Discount coupon book for local bail bondsmen.

5. Bronzed baby shoes with baby.

4. Bootleg copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special (look it up).

3. Every kid got a fidget spinner. Get yours a midget spinner.

2. One of those giant tins of popcorn …. last year’s popcorn.

1.A free appraisal and update to his/her car’s warranty.

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