By Torry Stiles

10. Searching Pinterest for exciting, tasty and nutritious recipes using Nyquil.

9. Teaching the dogs to walk themselves.

8. Thermal underwear and a high-quality fabric softener.

7. Going through my sock drawer and picking out which socks I’ll be using as gloves this year.

6. Ignoring the promise I made to myself last year to not wait until the stores were out of anti-freeze and sidewalk salt.

5. Plug in and test the Christmas lights I was too lazy to take down back in January.

4. Bemoan the lack of Christmas candy that is safe for diabetics.

3. Start seriously considering that maybe it’s time to think about looking into maybe getting somebody to check out the furnace.

2. Stocking up on chili beans and hot chocolate.

1. Digging under my car seat for that ice scraper I couldn’t find last year which forced me to use an old CD case and my Kroger shopper’s card to clean the glass.

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