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Top 10 ways Dads are different from Moms

10. There aren’t a lot of Moms who can name more than three professional wrestlers and their signature moves.

9. Moms and Dads can both be good cooks, but Dads are more likely to grab the barbecue sauce when they mess up a recipe.

8. Dads tend to know more about things that explode.

7.  Dads still think they are tough enough to do everything and Moms will be ready to fix them back up when they’re wrong.

6. Moms really like flowers and cute stuff. Dads will settle for cash about 90% of the time.

5. Moms will get the stains out or get you a new one. Dads will tell everyone they are his work pants.

4. Dads are far more likely to know how fast the car can go.

3. Moms have a plan to get by without when they’re short on cash. Dads have a secret emergency stash.

2.  Dads are more likely to let you off the hook if you have a good fart joke handy.

1.Moms say, “Stop fighting and go to your rooms.”

Dads say: “Just take the ping-pong paddles and stay out of your sister’s hair.”

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