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Top 10 thoughts about the 2023 Indiana State Fair

Top 10 thoughts about the 2023 Indiana State Fair

By Torry Stiles

10. At six to 10 bucks a ride I’m glad I got too old to ride them.

9. If you’re going to enjoy people watching make sure the wife doesn’t catch you watching only the pretty ones.

8. It used to be illegal to have booze at the fair but now they sell it everywhere. I imagine when they legalize marijuana there’ll be a whole pavilion for that, too.

7.  Where were the yardsticks? They used to give away 36-inch yardsticks but no longer.

6. If it can be dipped in batter and fried then they’ve got it there somewhere.

5.  I love the pioneer village with its authentic pioneer atmosphere. I couldn’t get cell reception.

4. If you’re going to jump into a fountain or fishpond always make sure to do it when you’re ready to go home. The cops will take you to your car.

3. Animal poo doesn’t smell as bad at the fair as it does at home.

2. The number of people who take corndogs into the Swine Barn just to tease the residents is embarrassing.

1.Never follow the Clydesdales while wearing flip-flops.

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