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Top 10 things to love about being a Hoosier

Top 10 things to love about being a Hoosier

By Torry Stiles

10.  Very rarely do you ever discover a tornado sneaking into town.

9. Reggie Miller. Peyton Manning. Bobby Knight. A. J. Foyt. We’re very open-minded when it comes to our hometown heroes.

8. You can be from Peru, Brazil or even Mexico and still be from Indiana.

7.  We were right all along over that whole Daylight Savings Time thing.

6.  Almost invariably all of our Bigfoot stories involve one of the guys who works at the bait shop.

5.  We’re always willing to give you a piece of our mind even after we’ve run out.

4. Millard Fillmore may be more famous than Benjamin Harrison but ol’ Benny still tops James Polk in the polls.

3. There’s more than corn in Indiana. There’s soybeans, ranch dressing, pigs, figure-8 races and basketball. Some other stuff, too.

2.  We might cuss a lot, but we usually don’t mean it.

1. You’ll probably never hear about an alligator killing some woman walking her dog in Indiana.

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