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By Torry Stiles

10. I am part of the 97 percent of the population who couldn’t find a pair of gloves.

9. You can pop over to the local Dairy Queen and watch the manager cry.

8. The lower you are on the company totem pole the earlier you have to be at work.

7. No matter how much it snows it never snows as much as it used to snow when you were growing up.

6. Way too many people in my neighborhood spent too much time trying to decide which credit card they were willing to sacrifice as an ice scraper.

5. The office bigwigs decided it was too dangerous to drive the brand-new all-wheel drive SUVs in to work so they stayed home and called for the Uber Eats driver to deliver lunch in his 1997 Saturn with the one windshield wiper and four bald radials.

4. There will always be that one guy in shorts.

3. If your dog convinces you he doesn’t need to go for a walk you better have the carpet cleaner ready.

2. The higher you are on the company totem pole the longer you can stand at the window at work commenting on the snow.

1. The folks at the Waffle House get pretty nasty when you try to steal their salt shakers to take home for your sidewalk.

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