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Top 10 things kids are learning in school

By Torry Stiles

10. Find the mute button before the class starts to save embarrassment later.

9. Many grown-ups can tell a real cough from a fake one.

8. Never show off by drinking chocolate milk with your mask on.

7. Hand sanitizer tastes yucky. No matter how many times you try it.

6. Quarantine is worse for big families with cheap cable TV plans.

5. They’re just a few more sick kids away from running out of substitute teachers.

4. About 3 feet closer and the kid that got sick in the hall could’ve had the principal sent home for two weeks.

3. Before your Zoom class begins you need to hide the toys you don’t want the other kids to know you still play with.

2. Dad needs help programming the living room TV. There’s no way he’s going to figure out how to crack your TicToc account.

1.Wearing that mask helps you realize that regular brushing is a good idea.

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