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Top 10: Things I’m thankful for in 2021

Top 10: Things I’m thankful for in 2021

  1. It’s not 2020. 
  2. A whole lot of people have learned to wash their hands over the past year and a half. 
  3. Lotus Garden may soon reopen. I will be able to joyfully and enthusiastically order a pupu platter much to the embarrassment of my wife.  
  4. Each day a few more folks discover that voting by party or personality is less important than voting by policy. 
  5. The sesame balls at the Viet Hua grocery store. 
  6. People who don’t mind that I’m on a first-name basis with their dogs. 
  7. Every day I wake up and realize I won’t be writing another Top Ten list from a hospital room. 
  8. A son and daughter to carry on. 
  9. The folks at the SouthSide Times who give me a few inches every week. 
  10. A wife who has so far resisted the temptation to poison my coffee. 

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