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Top 10: Things I hate about this time of year

Top 10: Things I hate about this time of year

10. The change of weather has me coughing and hacking but I’m terrified folks’ll think I got the ‘Rona.
9. The whole Grinch story seems so much more believable.
8. The dog is peeing on the carpet because it’s too nasty to go outside and not because he’s just a butthead.
7. Daylight Savings Time has me heading off to bed before the evening news is over
6. Deflated Christmas decorations.
5. The Hallmark Channel Christmas shows don’t seem so bizarre any more.
4. Now that it’s soup weather I’m out of soup.
3. Cold, wet and rainy is no way to spend the day so I’m going back to bed.
2. Everything I promised myself this time last year that I’d do before this time this year is still undone and sitting in the closet.
1. This past week I’ve worn two different jackets, my winter coat, a couple of hoodies and a sweater. I have no idea which one has my car keys.

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